Xclusive Constructions mission to build sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives by enabling the right people to capitalise on state-of-the-art knowledge, resources and digital technologies, providing solutions across the total construction life cycle for the Group’s clients and generating maximum value for its stakeholders.As a responsible and committed leader in sustainable construction, Xclusive Constructions sees innovation as its primary source of added value: this is “shared innovation” that benefits its customers at the same time as improving its productivity and the working conditions of their employeesConstructability is at the heart of all of our engineering because we know what we’re designing for you will need to be built.With construction-driven engineering, we create solutions for our clients that seamlessly transition from blueprints to real, completed projects. Taking constructability under consideration at every step ensures our clients have the high quality, cost-effective designs they expect.our engineers understand the crucial role that contractors have in the overall development and delivery of every project from start to finish. It’s what separates Xclusive engineers and designers from the pack, and provides our clients an advantage that better controls budget, quality and cost throughout a project’s lifecycle. 

Constructions mission

Construction is Xclusive Construction’s core competence. Our range comprises traditional construction business and construction management in the fields of building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure facilities. It includes services such as the procurement of required materials which, from a strategic perspective, ideally complement the construction business before, during and after the building works. Thanks to our network we are present in all the key markets of Egypt–with innovative solutions the world, under a whole range of often changing conditions. For a limited period, of days, weeks or months, a building site is equivalent to a medium-sized enterprise with an output valued in millions of pounds, engaged not in mass manufacture but in the production of a single, unique structure. So this is a business that demands not just outstanding engineering skills but also the capacity to handle the complex logistics of non-stationary production and manage the risks involved in a constantly evolving organization. Essential–and established–prerequisites for this are virtual structures and networked communications, of the kind that other industries are still aiming for. Xclusive Constructions business stream builds and renovates buildings, industrial facilities, infrastructure and residences. It also executes service-related assignments, in areas such as construction services and facility operations and maintenance.

How we do it ?​

In keeping with Xclusive constructions business model, contracting assignments are executed for Xclusive constructions Project Development streams. This collaboration generates large construction assignments, as well as synergies for the company Project and synergy opportunities are also generated thanks to the financial expertise and resources within the company. A combination of financial strength and global expertise in Construction and Project Development enables Xclusive Constructions to take on large, complicated projects for customers with high expectations for quality and execution. In the very largest projects that require high-level performance guarantees, few competitors can measure up to Xclusive Constructions in terms of skills and strength. With a strong risk-assessment focus during the tender stage, Xclusive Constructions concentrates on securing the right projects, for which there is a balance between risk levels and expected margins. Xclusive Construction’s ambition is to increase its share of contracts, in which customers value service, quality and reliability – in addition to price – when evaluating tenders. Xclusive Construction’s clear focus on sustainable development

Including ...

Where we do it ?

We are active in a number of selected home markets in Egypt


Based on residents' needs and environmental considerations, Xclusive construction’s designs and builds attractive homes that make people's everyday lives better and easier.

How we do it ?​

Generating value in our business stream Residential Development begins with an analysis of macroeconomic and demographic trends of where the growth is, of who the target groups are and what they need and want. Before making land purchases, Xclusive Construction analyzes local conditions in detail. Then begins a step-by-step process aimed at ultimately offering customers the best possible value. During the planning stage, Xclusive Contractors establishes a framework in close collaboration with the municipal authorities. Based on the potential offered by the site’s surroundings, a neighborhood with a distinct character is created. An attractive neighborhood is designed and built on the basis of the residents’ needs and environmental considerations. Xclusive Construction’s own sales organization then markets the new homes to the right target groups.

What we do ?

Buying a new home is a major investment and different people have different types of needs. This is taken into account when we develop new homes and neighborhoods in our business stream Residential Development. Our homes offer includes single and multi-family housing. We develop residential areas all the way from choosing the location to planning, designing, constructing, marketing and sales.

Focus areas

We primarily work with our three Community Investment focus areas, which we have identified as the areas we can make the most significant positive contribution. They relate to our expertise and firmly ground our work in Xclusive constructions core business:

Design for social impact

We help improve communities through design together with our customers, partners and local actors. We do this by improving neighborhoods around where we work and by using holistic design solutions on our projects.


We support schools and other organizations by providing the younger generation with role models that inspire further study and promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math learning to encourage greater diversity in our sector


We create opportunities for diverse groups to enter the job market together with customers, subcontractors and strategic partners by providing skills, opportunities, and employment when possible.


Construction remains one of the most hazardous industries in Xclusive Constructions home markets, so we focus on eliminating risks by thoroughly training our people, comprehensively planning our projects and operating according to our industry-leading safety procedures and policies. Our culture of caring is also central to our goal of no one being injured on or around our workplaces. We truly care for the safety of each and every person connected with our projects. Consequently, we strive to foster an environment in which everyone takes responsibility for their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them. Safety permeates all that we do. We consider safety when selecting projects and when choosing supply chain partners. When projects are being planned and designed, we look for ways to eliminate risks. Every day, nothing is more important than living our value of Care for Life.


We are committed to doing business with a high degree of integrity and transparency. Fundamental to living our value of Act Ethically and Transparently are our comprehensive ethics and compliance program, our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct, and our empowered culture. Xclusive Construction’s value of Act Ethically and Transparently contains three key aspects that we are committed to following in all areas of our business:

• Doing business with a high degree of integrity and transparency

• Living by our Code of Conduct and never accepting shortcuts

• Fostering a working climate in which everyone can speak their mind


Xclusive Constructions creating buildings and civil infrastructure that have near-zero environmental impacts and reduced long-term operating costs. Making this possible is how we've embedded green thinking into our culture and ways of working. Through our green mindset and expertise, we help and encourage customers to deliver their most demanding environmental ambitions. Xclusive Construction’s environmental commitment relates to impacts of our operations and processes, and the long-term environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure delivered by our construction and development projects.

Community Investment

We are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate by drawing on our core competencies to address local social challenges